Friday, October 2, 2009

Yashica EZ F521 - A new digital rangefinder from Yashica!!

Okay, I lied, but it's close enough to get me very excited. exemode announced a new Yashica branded digital camera EZ F521. It sports a fixed 42.53mm (35mm equivalent) f3.0 lens. That's my favorite focal length, though I wish the lens could be faster. Sensor size is small (1/2.5) but the resolution is a not-overly-aggressive 5 megapixels. The thing I like the most is of course the retro styling. They even kept the Yashica font that gives it the perfect classic feeling. The only problem is that the lens is fixed focused (1.5m to infinity). The EZ F521 will beginning selling in Japan for 7980 yen. Can't ask for much at this price I guess (some Pentax lenses have their prices almost doubled over this past year...). More details at the official site.