Sunday, May 13, 2007

Canon PowerShot S5 IS manages to bore the masses

This year has been exciting in the world of superzooms, and finally we saw the announcement of the Canon S5. It is...disappointing. Whereas the competition decide to up the ante with features like RAW support, 15x zoom and wider wide angles, Canon has decided to simply put in a higher resolution 8 megapixel sensor and call it a day.

Aside from the face detection autofocus feature that became standard this year, I really cannot find anything different between the S3 and the S5. Ok, it does look sexier. If you can find the S3 (or even the S2, which is almost identical to the S3...) for a deal, there's simply no reason to pay the premium to get the S5.

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Anonymous said...

This one is a bit slower, even with the dIGIC III processor, the burst rate has fallen down considerably, as well as in the battery life department, it stands far behind S3 IS. check out details at