Thursday, February 8, 2007

Green Dalek Supersampler

The Lomographic Society has come up with a new color for the Dalek Supersampler - Green. This is a lot easier to swallow than the glossy hot pink original version. The surface is a rubber, which should be easier to hold as well.

The Supersampler is a camera that allows the photographer to capture four sequential panoramic shots on a single photo. There is a Speed Button to choose between 4 shots in 2 seconds or 4 shots in 0.2 seconds. It's a complete antithesis to the current high-tech digital cameras: no viewfinder, no instant preview, uses film, cheaply made. In fact, some users report the shutter string breaking after just one roll. Despite all this, the effect is very special that's hard to duplicate with digital.

It's not so much about the technical properties of the final photo, but rather the state of mind going into taking a shot with the Supersampler, or the absence of it. The Lomo rule, "Don't think, just shoot," applies to this camera and you'll be surprised at how good (or bad) the pictures come out. Be careful when you look at their web page though; a lot of the high saturation effects are created by cross-processing (developing the negative in a different kind of chemical from intended), so you'll need to find a lab who knows how to do this if you want that effect.

It's not a camera for everyone. If you have a camera nut in your circle though, it could be a very fine Valentine's Day gift :)

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